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  1. Did you have to use your poop knife to get it to flush?

    The Lounge
    My wife and I have been to all 50 states as well as 140 different foreign countries as listed in Travelers Century Clubs list of foreign countries.. Its good to be retired!
  2. Original Owners Club

    Tech Lounge
    Just turned 78 last month.
  3. Hard Drive Recovery Services

    The Lounge
    I still have one lol, buried in a closet somewhere.
  4. One needs to prep for dirt button fun

    Rocky Mountain
    I will visit my 54th (out of 59) next week. We'll be in the Virgin Islands National Park on April 6.
  5. How many of you are married?

    The Lounge
    I was 33, she was 29. It will be 43 years in August. No kids by choice, so we didn't have to send Billy Bob to college.We 've been retired for 21 1/2 years.
  6. One needs to prep for dirt button fun

    Rocky Mountain
    I doubt there are many (maybe not any) members still on here that are older than I. Will turn 77 this year. lol
  7. Hey kids!

    The Lounge
    Welcome back Jeff R......Been a long time.
  8. What was your first car

    The Lounge
    1956 Olds Super 88 convertible, robins egg blue with black top. Purchased used in 1959 for $1000.
  9. Our little Richard is growing up!

    Sorry for your loss! If you're going to be that close to Mammoth, I would recommend that you take the opportunity to visit. It's the worlds longest cave system. IIRC ......400 miles.
  10. job with training in Tucson. What's to do there?

    The Lounge
    You might try here.......... (copy/paste if necessary) but most of the az people are now on facebook and may not look at the link very often. IIf you're interested in a longer week-end drive, the grand canyon 90 miles from Flagstaff is beautiful. .
  11. Lowest post # vs. years a member

    The Lounge
    Almost 12 years for me.
  12. How to determine Cap Gains and Taxes on Inherited Stock

    Amateur Financial and Investment Zone
    I believe your aunt's basis is correct. Your uncle's, since he passed prior to 2010, may be based on the date of death or may be based on an alternate valuation date which I think is 6 months later. Use whichever is to your advantage. I don't think there is any IRS difference in normal tax...
  13. Not till he gets a new phone

    Rocky Mountain
    Wife says I'm older than dirt.......................75.
  14. Good Bye Quantitative Easing

    Debate Room
    Possibly an Annuity ? Earnings are not taxed until funds are withdrawn. And no, I do not work for Fidelity.
  15. GTO owner ages ?

    The Lounge
    Bought it new in May 07. I'll turn 74 this year.
  16. Any Corvette Guys near Mesa AZ?

    The Lounge
    I'll be in Mesa Sun, Mon, and Tue. just around the corner from superstition springs. I would be willing to take a look if you haven't found someone else. However, you might want to join up here, register, and make your request. It's the local GTO site and there are...
  17. Dart Boards - Who's got 'em?

    The Lounge
    My backboard is a 4 by 4 sheet of plywood covered with 1 foot squares of 1/4 inch cork.
  18. AZ emissions

    South Western
    Mine is registered in Flagstaff, so no emission test. You should register and join up over here...... and they'll have your answer. Vic
  19. GMP GTOs

    Non-Automotive For Sale
    PM sent for the 06 cgm.
1-20 of 79 Results