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  1. Just Got New Michelin Shoes

    My 2018 Ford Exploder has only 10,000 miles. I can tell you what tires NOT to ever buy because I just replaced the original Hankook with Goodyear. At least the SUV no longer changes lanes by itself in the rain.
  2. so how do you erase duplicates?

    They are absolutely wonderful.
  3. Just Got New Michelin Shoes

    Absolutely wonderful.
  4. 2004 Brake master cylinder

    Ebay lists two Bosch [new] brake masters that appear to be just like our 2004 and 2005/06. Look under Monaro brake master. One needs to know whether these are made for cars with ABS. Bore and pipe threads info needs to also be matched up.
  5. Pump Relay

    I needed to replace the small black SPST Tyco fuel pump relay. The coil was opened. Odd thing. There seems to be only two types of little black relays- 4-pin SPST and 5-pin SPDT. The two different types are easily confirmed by the numbers printed on the side of each. But...the tops sport...
  6. Sticky Pad Residue

    Ebay usually has dash pads for cheap.
  7. A Case Against The New Non-Clay Clays

    The instructions use the words 'crosshatch pattern', but I do not see the difference. This pad would still leave marks. After I attempted to reduce/eliminate the swirls with white compound, I used a sort of expensive British-made cream wax that I have used before- AutoGlym. BTW, real clay, as...
  8. A Case Against The New Non-Clay Clays

    It was waaaay too hot to clay the old GOAT, so picked up Griot's Garage 'Synthetic Clay' and their car wash to use as the suggested lubricant. Washed car. Syntho-clayed it and then waxed it. In the sun, the new swirls were so very clear. Thousands of them. Never happened with real clay. Had...
  9. AC blowing warm in a 2004

    Tech Lounge
    Even with a manifold gauge set, it is a bit difficult to get a perfect charge. Outside temperature and humidity dramatically skew the readings. Adding 'a bit of freon' simply does not cut it these days. To easy to overcharge. A few years ago, I emptied the system, evacuated to a vacuum, and...
  10. Bonnet Release Cable

    The Body Shop
    I realize that one of our trusted sponsors stocks this part, but would a better choice for a replacement be the one made for Australian market cars? So what, it would need to be mounted on the right. The advantage would be a shorter cable that might not be so troublesome [they stretch].
  11. New Lock Cylinder DOES NOT Work BECAUSE---

    Got it working with better sleeve. How? Went back to locksmith who sold me the lock lube. He fixed me up with a stronger spring [the spring that pushes on the rear of the lock]. Works quite well for the moment. The actual switch itself makes odd noises as it is rotated, but it has always been...
  12. New Lock Cylinder DOES NOT Work BECAUSE---

    S*h*i*t, my concerns were seemingly justified. When removing the key, the lock does not pop out quite all the way, Accessory power does go off, but one is left with the keyway being partially blocked by the steel nib that retains the center barrel in place. Just a pussy hair more is all I...
  13. New Lock Cylinder DOES NOT Work BECAUSE---

    Got the china kit today. Went together like a breeze. Blades retract fully. Tried the new old-design barrel. It sticks like it was machined by some 10 cents per day slave. The Spain-made barrel works flawlessly. Only concern here is that the spring-loaded pin needs to ride up a ramp after...
  14. New Lock Cylinder DOES NOT Work BECAUSE---

    Perfect! While I wait for the new old-design parts kit to arrive, how about some input on the finish of the new sleeve? The surface that the pin will ride on is not smooth. Even has two dimples. A few members have posted through the years that their dealer-installed repair sleeve eventually...
  15. New Lock Cylinder DOES NOT Work BECAUSE---

    The GTO can get along fine without a cast cheap-ass metal ignition lock. Needs the key fob to activate the computer. So unless the thief has a tow truck, a horrible thought, the car will remain where you parked it. I skimmed through tons of archived posts and so far found only one GTO that...
  16. New Lock Cylinder DOES NOT Work BECAUSE---

    And I have figured out why. The tumbler pins are brass. The key is steel. Pins are worn and with key inserted, not all pins retract 100% flush with inner cylinder. So they hang up on replacement outer cylinder. Pins are numbered, which is great. I need to order a new old-style kit that is...
  17. Have You Not By Now Figured Out The Real Reason Our Steering Lock Fails?

    New Steering Lock Part This one is MADE IN SPAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yea!!!
  18. Remote Fob

    I sometimes have this problem. It is caused by strong radio interference. Try holding the clicker close to the center of the windscreen. This is where the receiver is located. Do you have a spare one? If not, it is time to spend $60 for a new one that has never been programmed to another...
  19. Brake shift interlock

    You first need to take the cover off the center console and see if the solenoid is still there. A friend of mine has an auto GTO, and when you step on the brake [car in PARK], you can easily hear the solenoid release. Loud enough to be in passenger compartment. So go look and get back to us...
  20. Have You Not By Now Figured Out The Real Reason Our Steering Lock Fails?

    I do not think that the dumb design fails because of dumb design. I do believe that if the casting was of better material, the issue would not exist. China, one must admit, has an incredible grasp of the concept of 'cheap s*h*i*t'. I have had contact with both previous owners. Neither had...
1-20 of 451 Results