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  1. Original Owners...This Poll's for you.

    The Lounge
    OG FPFQ checking in. Bought my 05 with 270 miles on the clock on 2/17/06.... Now it has 7x,xxx..Don't recall the exact mileage because it's sitting under a cover in storage.
  2. GTO's are slow

    Drag Racing
    same here, consistant 1.8s on street tires with the slip/punch method...... heck, a few weeks ago, i ran consistant mid 13s with a best time of 13.3 with a 2.1 60 foot.........all on nearly bald all season 18s and a poorly prepped track.....lost traction on every shift :(..... could been my 12s...
  3. Good IL custom plate

    before i moved out here, i was thinking about going with GRABHLD or GOAT 84... I think GOAT LS 2 was available too (my birth year)...there were a few goat ones left when I was still in IL, take your time picking one out tho, you're already on the right track with pick a plate though good luck...
  4. Rally car gets air at 130+mph

    looks real to me....and get rid of your dial-up :)
  5. What's in your toolbox?

    The Lounge
    thats definately a good start for your hauler.....just make sure you add some duct tape and a BFH. :mullet: something like this would probabally do the job
  6. Driver side Defrost don't work??

    Tech Lounge
    you'll get used to it, lol
  7. unk577

    Buyer/Seller Feedback
    I just got my headlight from unk577. Awesome seller!! Item extremely well packed.
  8. I might have pulled a ricer flyby...

    Kill Section
    fair enough, good kill anyway :)
  9. Is it worth upgrading to the Stock 18" Wheels???

    keep the 17s for winter if you end up doing it...i've been able to make it through the winter on the 18s with all seasons, but would be much better off with some winter tires....unfortunately blizzaks in 235/40/18 cost nearly $300 each. $500 is a good deal for 4 stock 18s though, i'd jump on that
  10. Chicago Area/CGM - need a referal...

    i would say joyce pontiac in dekalb, but they sold the dealership shorty before I moved out of the area and no longer deal w/ pontiac +1 on haggerty, i've heard a few good things about them
  11. rear end rebuild?

    we can't get 4.10 gears, 3.91 is the highest you can get and your highway rpms will actually raise some, not drop edit: beat me to it owe5 :(
  12. Feels Good Sox Fans

    fair weather fan, eh?? boooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  13. Parting out 06' QSM A4 15k miles``

    Parts for sale
    unk577, have you recieved my email about the headlight? I haven't heard anything back. Thanks
  14. Identify this window switch?

    Nitrous Oxide
    that 90 degree connector plugs into the fuse block
  15. Parting out 06' QSM A4 15k miles``

    Parts for sale
    email sent regarding passenger headlight
  16. Reverse gate not closing on my [email protected] highway speeds :(

    Tech Lounge
    i believe the reverse lockout uses a solenoid... if this is the case, its very possible that the solenoid is sticking.. I'm guessing that this is an internal part that probabally costs $15, but would cost you $450 in labor or 8 hours in the driveway. I'm certainly no expert in this field...
  17. TrakDay TT GTO - Started!!! (pigs now fly)

    Forced Induction
    sounds awesome trakday, no hurry up and get the front end on
  18. Twin engine Talon AWD

    i couldn't have said it better myself. complete waste
  19. Donating your body to Science.......

    The Lounge
    I can respect/understand that people want to keep the ashes around, but I don't think I'd want them around my place....i'm picturing a Meet the Parents type episode with some Focker knocking sh*t over and my cat leaving a big one in it.
1-20 of 175 Results