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  1. Maggie PowerChamber

    Parts for sale
  2. Maggie PowerChamber

    Parts for sale
    Making a new listing since I cant delete this one. Including more parts.
  3. wrapping the gto

    I've dipped and wrapped both. I know plastidip as come a long ways but a nice wrap is so much better than dip. Unless you do proline dip, thats different but then you are getting into a different price point. Wrap it or paint it. Cool thing with wraps is you can get crazy designs if you want...
  4. Experiment: different fuel pump bucket approach

    Fuel System
    Go return style with twin pumps, one boost referenced and have the return feed into the bucket and call it a day. I did that with stock bucket and zero problems going on 6 years.
  5. Steering rack

    Parts for sale
    I forgot to update the listing, I sold the rack.
  6. HARROP Diff Cover question

    I put one on basically because I was getting to the end of the list of "typical gto performance upgrades" and I was surprised I could actually tell. That being said I only noticed it when getting on it hard on corners or on ramps. It does feel very planted. Much more than stock. But Im also over...
  7. Kooks Afterburners

    There is a pair for sale on facebook right now. GTO owners group. No price, just make offer
  8. ECS Tensioner

    Parts for sale
    Bump it up. Anybody belt slippin?
  9. Have You Not By Now Figured Out The Real Reason Our Steering Lock Fails?

    Not all China stuff is bad, actually some rivals US stuff. I deal with various suppliers in China at my job and have actually been over there visiting plants 3 times in the last few years. Some companies are investing money and would think its an American company walking through the facility...
  10. Phenolic spacers

    Parts for sale
    Price drop.
  11. Discount tire

    I love discount tire, I buy all my stuff from there. I generally drop my tires/rims off (not on car) and pick them back up next day so I don't have to wait. Manager is nice at my closest location, and they always seem to like seeing my crazy wide and expensive tires. Apparently its more...
  12. ECS Tensioner

    Parts for sale
    $175 shipped.
  13. Steering rack

    Parts for sale
    70k miles, out of my 06. SOLD
  14. Phenolic spacers

    Parts for sale
    1/4 for cathedral heads. Brand new never used. $150 shipped.
  15. New Replacement Key fob

    They are also on Amazon for $55 free shipping.
  16. Installing Black Cat Gauge Face?

    They do have stops, they usually come to a rest on them when keyed off. I usually move them to the stop if they aren't there already. A metal fork with thin tines (usually cheap ones) work great. Or a butter knife and work one side then the other little by little careful not to move the needle...
  17. Installing Black Cat Gauge Face?

    You need to mark where the needles are before you take them off. I cut a piece of paper to the right shape so that when I slid it up under them I could mark all 4. Then just trace around the needle. Pop them off, switch faces, use your paper again and line the needles up with the marks from...
  18. Best vendor for a Maggie

    Forced Induction
    Depending on your power level goals waiting for a used maggie to pop up is another option. I say that because MP's can be had for $3k or less, and TVS's for $3500-5k. And if you plan on doing your own fuel system, heat exchanger setup, or changing pulleys for more than stock power anyways you...
  19. Leans out at 1/4 tank or less

    Fuel System
    I'm not sure what my limit will be. Wasn't a problem previously but now I have a forged motor and probably next year I will be in the market to up the boost substantially, most likely a bigger blower. When that day comes I'm sure it'll point out any weakness in my fuel system. But so far for...
  20. DSS Two-Piece Vibration

    I thought of this thread yesterday when I was watching the latest Cleetus video on YouTube. He said they were trying to get a hold of DSS for some axles but weren't having any luck so they called G-foprce instead. Apparently their customer service isn't the best lately.
1-20 of 174 Results