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  1. Custom 3" exhaust?

    With the power level that I'm at nowadays I'm thinking its time to upgrade to a larger 3" cat back over the 2.5" Spintech that I have now. Looking at the prices though it seems to make more sense to me to just fab up a kit myself being that I've got a decent welder and plenty of patience. Who on...
  2. What is this?

    The Body Shop
    Carfax doesn't mean all that much. Mine has a clear Carfax but was definitely hit in the front at some point prior to my owning it
  3. LSA build on LS1 motor in my 2004 GTO

    Forced Induction
    I have LS3 heads, a Texas speed stage 2 blower cam, and LSA blower being fed off from a proxses dw400 kit. I also went with a set of 1000cc injectors to round the package out
  4. LSA build on LS1 motor in my 2004 GTO

    Forced Induction
    Its all good. The kits are pretty comprehensive and have decent instructions to go along with it. Roshan runs the company and is super easy to get ahold of if you have any questions. I would like to warn the both of you though that The LSA blower may or may not fit under your stock hood. Its...
  5. LSA build on LS1 motor in my 2004 GTO

    Forced Induction
    Try the 04-06 GTO facebook page, quite a few people have done LSA swaps on 5.7s there. Also keep in mind that unless you change out the pulley on the blower itself then you will need to switch to an LSA front engine accessory setup. If you're just looking for the correct offset pulley, look into...
  6. USED T56 For Sale

    Parts for sale
  7. Wtb carbon driveshaft

    Parts/Cars Wanted (WTB)
    Check the FB trade n sell. I just bought a carbon fiber one off there for $750 shipped. This forum is good for information but dead when it comes to buying and selling
  8. Electron Blue Pearl Brembos

    Looks great! Just fyi, if you want a nice set of decals for the Brembos, there's a seller on ebay that does them for G8s. The rear ones he specs fit great with the 4 pot Brembos I run on the front of mine.
  9. Clutch recommendation for 440-460rwhp na setup

    I run a Mcleod RST twin disk at about 600whp with no major complaints to speak of. If you're planning on making more power in the future its definitely a good investment to go overkill on your clutch.
  10. Beginner GTO owner requesting help

    Introductions / Members' Rides
    Check your trans mount as well. If its original to the car its almost certainly collapsed and that will throw off the pinion angle ever so slightly.
  11. Does Anyone SEE this?

    Sponsor's Sales and Group Purchases
    I second this
  12. Replacing the A/C Compressor

    Tech Lounge
    I just loosened one of the fittings to the compressor when I changed mine out. It’s a pretty easy job to do overall. Definitely change the drier bottle while you’re at it too
  13. LS3 + LSA Blower Complete Build

    Forced Induction
    Looks mean. Why did you go with the Z32 trans instead of the T56 in the GTO by the way?
  14. Pedders 0 Drop Rear Springs - SOLD

    Parts for sale
    They're your parts so of course you can ask whatever you'd like for them. However you can get these for 90 each shipped on eBay so when you factor in shipping you're basically asking for new part cost.
  15. LS3 + LSA Blower Complete Build

    Forced Induction
    Me and a buddy have been working on his '90 Z32 and I can vouch for the lack of space. Those motors are just so wide in the engine bay
  16. LS3 + LSA Blower Complete Build

    Forced Induction
    Been following him on both here and the FB page. I don't think he mentioned it in this thread but on the FB group, the 300ZX is getting the motor out of the GTO and a good number of parts have been taken out of the car already.
  17. LS3 + LSA Blower Complete Build

    Forced Induction
    Its too bad you're switching gears away from the GTO but the Z32 is a great car so you still can't go wrong
  18. August Savings at Kollar Racing Products

    Sponsor's Sales and Group Purchases
    Any deals on Lovells springs?
  19. Any ideas where this came from?

    Tech Lounge
    No obvious signs of issue looking under the car?
  20. WTB rear set of stock height springs

    Parts/Cars Wanted (WTB)
    Looking for a set of aftermarket stock height springs, Moved to a new area and the 350mm Lovells I have aren't cutting it anymore with the roads here.
1-20 of 170 Results