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General Information

Jake Stiebler
Brazen Orange Metallic
Base 2-Door Coupe, 6-Speed Manual
Purchased from 608 Motorsports in Madison, Wisconsin on 05/23/18 with 77,390 Miles, 2 Owner. I am the 3rd owner.

Current Odometer: 82,XXX Miles
Aligned by Keith at Center Frame & Wheel Alignment in Centerville, Minnesota on 08/10/20 (81,100 Miles): Steering Wheel (0.0°), Front Camber (-1.125°), Front Toe (0.09375"), Front Caster (-0.5° LF Relative to RF), Rear Camber (-1.375°), Rear Toe (+0.125"), Rear Thrust (0.0°).

Ported & Polished LS2 Throttle Body (90 mm) by Chris Sherburne of Clearwater, Florida on 4/28/21 (81,800 Miles).
Ported LS2 Intake Manifold (90 mm) by Chris Sherburne of Clearwater, Florida on 4/28/21 (81,800 Miles).

Tuned by Denny at SharaDon Performance in Hugo, Minnesota on 05/27/21 (81,800 Miles) with a Dynocom Industries Dynamometer and HPTuners on 93 Octane: Min 12.0 A/F, Max 425.6 RWHP (489.4 Engine HP) @ 5,950 RPM [357.2 HP AVG] / Max 465.3 RWTQ (535.0 Engine TQ) @ 3,200 RPM [408.3 TQ AVG]; Skip-Shift Turned Off; Rear O2 Sensors Turned Off; Radiator Fan Settings Adjusted for 180 Degree Thermostat.



•Cold Case Aluminum Performance Radiator w/ Red Silicone Radiator Hoses & Cold Case Billet Radiator Cap
•Lingenfelter Performance Engineering 180 Degree Thermostat
•PowerBond 25% Underdrive Harmonic Balancer Pulley
• Plastic Finish XAIR Performance Over The Radiator Cold Air Intake w/ PCV Breather Hose, Caspers Electronics IAT Relocation Harness, & Fast Acting Thermistor
•4” Vibrant Performance Reinforced Silicone Hose Couplers
•Ported & Polished LS2 Throttle Body
•Ported LS2 Intake Manifold
•Brisk USA Spark Plugs (GOR17LGS)
•Taylor Cable 409 Pro Race Spiro-Wound 10.4 mm Spark Plug Wires (79206)
•Burnt Orange Billet Technology Signature Series Oil Catch Can w/ Black Powder Coated Fittings
•Russel Performance Stainless Steel Fuel Line
•Tick Performance Quick Install Remote Clutch Speed Bleeder Line
•Lou's Short Stick (Threaded)
•Hurst Billet Plus Shifter Housing Dust Cover Boot Modification (PN: 1145001)
•Transmission Shift Detent Plug Washer Modification (2 - Dorman PN: 65277)
•Reverse Light Switch Plug Washer Modification (1 - Dorman PN: 65277)
•VZClusterMod: Daytime Running Lamps (DRL) Full-Off, Shift Light w/ RPM set to 6,000 (3,000 Cold), Manual Transmission w/ Gear Change Indicator, Re-Calibrated Temperature Gauge, Overtemp Alarm set to 220 Degrees
•Foseal OBD2 Bluetooth Scanner w/ Torque Pro Android App
• Grabber Orange 6 Speed Shift Knob (M16-1.50)
• Orange Stitched Shift Boot
• Reflective Black Steering Wheel Arrowhead Emblem Inlay w/ Reflective Orange Steering Wheel Arrowhead Emblem Overlay
•Custom Orange "BOMGTO" Key Chain
•Custom Orange Angry Goat Key Chain
•Custom Orange Pontiac Arrowhead Console Pad (Power Window Switches)
•Custom Orange "ORANGE GOAT" Console Pad (Traction Control & Door Lock Buttons)
•Orange Silicone Key Fob Covers
•Brazen Orange Metallic Painted Banshee Hood w/ Black Metallic Painted Heat Extractor Vents & Functional Hood Scoops for XAIR OTRCAI
• Gloss Black SAP Upper Radiator Kidney Grilles
•New OEM Lower Radiator Grille
•Gloss Black Vinyl (3M 2080) "Fake" SAP Front Lower Fascia
•Spyder Auto Black LED/Halo/Projector Headlights w/ Philips X-tremeVision High & Low Beam Bulbs (H1) & Headlight Armor 50% Light Smoked Film
•New OEM Fog Lights w/ Amber LED/Projector Bulbs (H10) & Headlight Armor 70% Smoked Film
•DEPO Smoked Front Bumper Side Markers w/ Diode Dynamics Amber LED Bulbs (194 HP3)
• Front Black Arrowhead Emblem
•"6.0L LS2" Front License Plate Frame
• Black Grand Sport Fender Hash Mark Decal Stripes (3.5" + 4.0")
• Blacked Out Fender Emblems
• Brazen Orange Metallic Painted K Design Rear Roof Lip Spoiler
•Spoiler 3rd Brake Light w/ Headlight Armor 70% Smoked Film
• Pre-Preg Fiberglass Rear Bumper Valance Diffuser Insert
•DEPO Black LED Tail Lights w/ Headlight Armor 50% Light Smoked Film
• Rear Black Arrowhead Emblem
• Black "PONTIAC" Badge
• Black "6.0" Badge
•"GTO" Rear Metal License Plate Frame
•1-3/4" PaceSetter Long Tube Headers w/ Armor*Coat
•3" SpinTech Catless Mid H-Pipe (16 Gauge Aluminized Steel)
•SpinTech Super Pro Street 9000 Mufflers (3" Side Inlet, 3" Side Inline Outlet, 16 Gauge Aluminized Steel)
•3" SpinTech Exhaust (16 Gauge Aluminized Steel)
•4" SpinTech Double Wall Stainless Steel Exhaust Tips
•HINSON Motorsports Urethane Engine Mounts (OEM Height)
•Red BMR Front Strut Tower Brace
• Front Coilovers (Ride Height: 336 mm (13.25 in), Dampening Level: 12/32)
•Whiteline Synthetic Elastomer Front Upper Strut Mount Bushings & Bearings
•Pedders Polyurethane Front Lower Control Arm Inner Bushings
•Pedders Front Lower Control Arm Ball Joints
•Pedders Polyurethane Front Radius Rod Bushings (Caster Adjustable, Sport Setting)
•Pedders Polyurethane Rear Radius Rod Bushings
•Pedders Front Outer Tie Rod Ends
•Polyurethane Bushing Front Sway Bar End Links
•Whiteline Synthetic Elastomer Front Sway Bar Mount Bushings
•Whiteline Synthetic Elastomer Steering Rack Insert Bushing
•Revshift Performance Engineering Polyurethane Transmission Mount Insert
• Rear Coilovers (Ride Height: 346 (13.625 in), Dampening Level: 6/32)
•Whiteline Synthetic Elastomer Rear Upper Shock Absorber Bushings
•Whiteline Synthetic Elastomer Lower Rear Control Arm Inner Bushings
•Whiteline Synthetic Elastomer Lower Rear Control Arm Outer Bushings
•Whiteline Synthetic Elastomer Rear Sway Bar End Link Upper Bushings
•Whiteline Synthetic Elastomer Rear Sway Bar End Link Lower Bushings
•Whiteline Synthetic Elastomer Rear Sway Bar Mount Bushings
•Pedders Polyurethane Rear Subframe Mount Bushings
•Pedders Polyurethane Rear Differential Mount Insert Bushing
Weight Reduction:
•Front Skid Plate Delete
•Radiator Cover Air Baffle Delete
•Radiator Right & Left Side Air Baffles Delete
•Windshield Washer System Delete
•Rear Skid Plate Delete
•Rear V-Brace Delete
•Exhaust Muffler Heat Shields Delete
•Gas Tank Brace Delete
•Spare Tire Delete
•Spare Tire Kit Delete
Wheel and Tire
•Matte Black VMR V710 Wheels (Front: 18x8.5 + 43mm, Rear: 18x9.5 + 50mm) w/ 72.6mm to 69.5mm Aluminum Hub-Centric Rings & Red Muteki SR35 Lug Nuts
•Hankook Ventus V12 Evo2 (K120) Tires (Front: 235/40/ZR18 95Y XL BSW, Rear: 275/35/ZR18 99Y XL BSW)
•Rolled Front Fenders
•Cut Quarter Panels (~0.5", 9:30 - 2:30 Position, Cut Splash Guards)


2006 Pontiac GTO
260 Posts

2006 Pontiac GTO
260 Posts