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  1. Fuel System
    Hey I’m new to this forum but i have this problem going on with my car. It’s a cammed 05 gto, the car sometimes starts up and dies out (stalls) and when it does idle it sounds like crap and i try to give it a little throttle it stalls out sometimes.I have a fuel pressure gauge installed on my...
  2. LS1/LS2 Engine Tech
    My TB is bad and I’ve read that an ls3 is plug and play on the ls2. Any info on it would greatly be appreciated. All I read is how bad ls2 TBs are so I really don’t wanna buy the same one.
  3. Exhaust
    Very impressed with Fit, Form and function but really expected no less after all the kooks headers I have installed in the past. check it out Kooks Street Screamer Install!
  4. Electronics
    I recently bought an 05 gto and it’s been going into “limp mode” lately. I’ve reading about the pedal sensor and or the throttle position sensor which is built into the throttle body in the 05s. Can’t find anywhere sell the pedal with the sensor anywhere. Does anyone have any for sell or know...
1-4 of 4 Results