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  1. Drivetrain
    I was reading some forum posts a few weeks ago and noticed that people were selling the LS7 Clutch+flywheel for like $350. Does anyone sell it for that price anymore or is that long gone?
  2. Want to Buy 06 CGM

    Parts/Cars Wanted (WTB)
    I am in the market for a low mileage 06 gto Cyclone Grey metallic automatic. I got in a accident with mine and want to swap over my parts to a new car. I have a darton sleeved 427 and a f1a94 procharger plus all the suspension and exhaust I’ve done. I would like something with fairly low miles...
  3. LS1/LS2 Engine Tech
    Good morning folks. I'm a longtime reader and first time poster. I'm having an overheating issue that is absolutely baffling me. Help. Please help me brainstorm this thing. Three weeks ago, after backing out of my parking space,I noticed a pool under where the passenger side was. I pulled right...
  4. 2006 Pontiac GTO / M6 / Brazen Orange Metallic

    Aligned by Keith at Center Frame & Wheel Alignment in Centerville, Minnesota on 08/10/20 (81,100 Miles): Steering Wheel (0.0°), Front Camber (-1.125°), Front Toe (0.09375"), Front Caster (-0.5° LF Relative to RF), Rear Camber (-1.375°), Rear Toe (+0.125"), Rear Thrust (0.0°). Ported & Polished...
1-4 of 4 Results