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  1. LS1/LS2 Engine Tech
    Which cam do y’all recommend I found Texas speed tsp 228R 228/228 .600”/.600’’ has good reviews and what stall is recommend I’m also going with ported and polished 243 heads just need to know who runs this cam and is it good and which stall works good with it.
  2. Electronics
    HELP so iv had my 06 ls3 heads / unknown cammed gto for about 7 months since then its been having a random misfire on cylinder 8 and running rich . Does not show CEL , i only knew it was misfiring by the scanner on HP tuners . Couldnt figure out what it is. Replaced coils,plugs,wires,injectors...
  3. Fuel System
    Hey I’m new to this forum but i have this problem going on with my car. It’s a cammed 05 gto, the car sometimes starts up and dies out (stalls) and when it does idle it sounds like crap and i try to give it a little throttle it stalls out sometimes.I have a fuel pressure gauge installed on my...
  4. Double roller timing chain

    This is the melling high flow oil pump and double roller timing chain I added on the rebuild
  5. Rebuild

    This is the second rebuild on her
  6. Millennium Falcon

    This is the Millennium Falcon (my 05 GTO)
1-6 of 6 Results