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  1. Suspension/Steering/Brakes
    I already asked about some suspension parts in an earlier post but after a little research I'm leaning towards coil overs since the install looks a little less intensive as compared to different springs in the struts. What parts are mainly required to go from stock to coil overs? Thanks,
  2. Suspension/Steering/Brakes
    Hey, I am looking into upgrading pretty much all of the suspension on my GTO and was wondering recommendations for what brands and which items are the best for handling and ride quality. Currently my car only has the drag bags in the rear springs which don't seem to do much. Thanks
  3. Suspension/Steering/Brakes
    Good morning GOAT community. I’ve got my ‘06 on stands and ready to install this set of pedders Xas Are there any parts I need to transfer from the original setup on to the coils? So far I’ve heard of people transferring the bump stops and some sort of washer on the top mount, but not sure...
1-3 of 3 Results