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  1. LS1/LS2 Engine Tech
    Using HpTuners to try to find out why my 04 ls1 m6 Feels sluggish below 4k, With t/c off in first, Even if I floor it at 2000, 2500, 3000 etc I can barely chirp the tires. I've scanned it for the last few days and have looked through the scans, Timing Shows around 15-18 at WOT at the previously...
  2. LS1/LS2 Engine Tech
    Got my 04 T56 running about a week ago, let it run for a bit ( bought it a few months back off CoPart and it sat ) let it idle , then drove it easily for a bit to get it most of the way empty , then put some new fuel in it. I’ve been testing it in first gear to see with the traction control off...
  3. LS1/LS2 Engine Tech
    Hello all my goat now has 135k on her and her lifters are getting quite noisy so i plan on replacing them soon this will be the first time i tear into a motor like this and i want to make sure i do it all right my main concerns are getting the right lifters that are compatible wit the stock...
  4. Parts/Cars Wanted (WTB)
    Does anyone have or know where I can find a gto for sale under $9000 with reasonable miles in decent condition??
1-4 of 5 Results