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  1. Suspension/Steering/Brakes
    Hello Goats, I am needing to replace the power steering return lines on my '06. This part has been discontinued at GM. Are there any other places that make a hard line that is similar? This car spent some time up north in the salt ;o( Rust is a Mortar Forker, lol. Any help or guidance is...
  2. Suspension/Steering/Brakes
    I still have air in my lines from a long tube header install whenever my wheel goes to the middle I have a little bit of a dead zone from left to right anybody have links they could share for the fittings I need to vacuum the air out? (I’ve tried quite a few times to turn the wheel and it hasn’t...
  3. Suspension/Steering/Brakes
    Hello fellow gtoers so I noticed the other night never had an issue with steering then I parked it and it sat for a couple hours then I got in and at very low speeds and turning while not moving it makes a very very noticeable creaking noise but goes away as I’m driving any ideas? Also my power...
1-3 of 3 Results