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  1. Electronics
    I found this in my searching and thought I'd post this up for anyone and everyone. Have a Great Day!
  2. Electronics
    Hello all, I have a few accessories I'm adding to my 04 Gto, and I'm OCD about doing wiring the most professional and overkill way possible. Currently I'm only adding some usb ports and heated seats+ few other small stuff. However I'd like to plan on future additions. I'm considering adding an...
  3. Electronics
    I'm new to the forum and a newish GTO owner I've had it for a little over a year haven't had any issues other than with the key fob. Recently I've added some mods. Mods: Stage 2 summit cam 218/228 LSA 112 Pacesetter long tube headers Pedders xa coilovers and bushings It needs a tune but idled...
  4. Electronics
    Hey guys I just got my 04 gto a couple weeks ago and I went straight to the stereo part of the build because the stock speakers were atrocious lol so basically here’s the deal I have a new head unit and a 4 channel amp ran with 4 gauge wire and my issue is is that everything is wired correctly...
1-4 of 4 Results