For sale is a pair of new Corsa exhaust tips. These are the tips that come welded on the mufflers for the 05-06 GTO catback systems. These are the polished, 2.5” inlet diameter, and 4” outlet tips. The reason I am selling them is because I bought the 05-06 system for use on my 2004, in order to split the tailpipes like the 05-06 GTOs. I didn’t care for the Corsa tips on the 04 bumper and I got a couple of sets of staggered quad tips to use instead. These still have the protective wrap on them from packaging and shipping from Corsa. All you will need to do is finish cutting the welds and removing the little bit of exhaust pipe on the backs of them and weld them up on your setup and you are done.

These tips are not available separately from Corsa. They are considered part of the muffler so to buy them from Corsa you’d have to buy a muffler, which is pretty expensive. They have a clamp on style tip that matches these tips but they are $320 plus shipping from Corsa. I got all this info over the phone from Corsa this past Wednesday. I am looking for $200 shipped, PayPal or Venmo.

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