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06 LS2 - Random misfire and metal in engine

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Long story short, it looks like a 14k mile LS2 in a friends GTO (Dave “BRZN”) is beginning to consume itself.

We’ve been chasing an intermittent random misfire for years. All the typical electrical items were checked (plugs, wires, coils) to no avail. Swapped on some new Kooks headers last month as well as some new plugs. Winter hit here and didn’t get a chance to take it out for a drive and do some data logging to see if somehow the headers and new plugs miraculously fixed the issue.

Last week Dave decided to do an oil change as it’s been awhile since he last did one (roughly 1k miles and a couple of years as it’s a summer garage queen). Found some crap on the magnetic drain plug and thought he’d open up the oil filter.

I can’t upload the video, but attached is a still picture of the video. There’s a lot of glitter in there. Took the valve covers off and saw what you see circled on the passenger-side. These are SLP 1.85 rockers if that makes any difference.

We’re already prepared to pull the engine in the spring, but anyone want to guess what’s going on? This is a bolt-on LS2 with the stock cam and heads, so nothing more than the aforementioned rockers and headers on the car.

Rockers deteriorating? Lifter failure resulting in taking out a cam lobe? Bearing failure?

We did a compression check last weekend and all cylinders were down 5-10lbs from when we last checked the compression in 2016. Began a leak down test before I had to leave and those results all seemed around the same as previous and within the normal range, so we don’t believe it’s a dead cylinder somewhere.

Planning to pull the rockers next to see if one of those SLP rockers is destroying itself.

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