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155mph shut down

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Any one out there know how to bypass the 155 mph limiter
on the ECM
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LS1edit ...

closest Shop to you is LS1 Speed Inc in IL

Most our tuner sponsors do mail order tuning aswell
Whom might suggest in the Cleveland / northeast Ohio area. It would be nice to establish a rapport with a reputable dealer / tuner. Even though I'm only 30 minutes from Summit Racing, I prefer dealing one on one with enthusiasts with honest advice based on first-hand experience.
155 mph shutdown

:) Thanks DY

Do you have a link to them? .........button is on your left.

Mike - I can only think of a few IN shops. But noone that really specializes in LS1 tuning in OH. Like I mentioned before the major tuners offer mail order tunes. Mostly for changing things like rev limiter, !CAGS, gear ratio, speed limiter, shift points, and turning off codes

Thanks DY
I never thought of looking to my left.:eek:
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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