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1slowgto said:
has anybody ran a 17x9 in the front? i you can please tell me why or why not?


Ahh...the million dollar question.

Let's just say that the only wheels that could fit are vette replica's with around a 35mm offset. Can't go farther inwards due to strut rub concerns which only leaves one way to go....out.

If you can find BMW 5x120 wheels that are 17x9 or 17x9.5" with a 35ish offset....please let me know.

I plan on buying a set of 17x9.5's with around a 36mm offset for the front for next season's autoxing. Might need a small spacer so better/longer studs may follow.

They will stick out a little though. I'm going to start with a 245 tire and go up from there. We will see :gears:
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