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I took my goat to Speed Inc last Thursday for her first Dyno and Tune.

They didn't do a stock run :( but comparing what my husband's 05 did, I think it probably started out at at least 340 RWHP. (he got about 17 HP from stock to tune)

Before they put it up, they installed my GMM Shifter, catch can, K&N filter and changed the tranny fluid to Royal Purple.

First run was 346.59 rwhp; 346.71 Torque
After Tune and cool last run was 356.52 rwhp; 351.65 Torque.

I am very happy with these numbers. Even Jon commented about the motor being strong. This puts me about 5 HP behind GTO_Greg (hubby). He can keep going with the motor. I want Pedders next!!!!!!

I can't believe how much better this car shifts with the GMM and RP. Night and Day from stock!!!!!

Jeez, I love this car!!!!!!!!
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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