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first of all, when they set-up these jet kits do they set the fuel side
rich ?? Went for the 150 shot car was very rich had to put the 100 shot jet
in the fuel side to get the A/F between 12.2/12.3 - 1
btw(we are running 12.6/1 N/A)
with the 150/150 jets we were at 10.3/1
with the 150/125 jets we were at 11.5/1

2nd on the progressive controller for the first .2 - .3 while spraying the car felt like it was hesitating or jerking (could not be air in the nitrous line) as this happened 3 times in a row within 5 minutes of each other never turning the bottle off

any help would be greatly appriciated



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Check your htz setting. are you in RPM or time mode. If your window is set really close it maybe bouncing a smedge.
Or you have a lean spike happening.
Can you post a pic of your setting widow or email it to me.
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