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1. My tires are not balanced. Nice vibration in the steering wheel. (fixed today at dealer)
2. When cruising in 6th I got 27 mpg... sweet
3. I hate N-NJ traffic. We made the mistake of going into the city on I95. 2 hours to go 7 miles... pure hell. (got real aquanted with the clutch)
4. I hate NY traffic. Driving through Long Island sucks.
5. The GTO handles well at high speed. I swerved around a wheel barrel that fell out of a truck in front of me... unfortunately the Ford Crown Vic with senior citizens didn't fare as well. Nothing like seeing a Crown Vic with a wheel barrel stuck in the front. They swerved off the road with no injuries... a lot of sparks though.
6. Gas mileage isn't quite as good when you are driving agressively in 4th gear doing 70... too many idiots driving on highways on sunday afternoons.
7. The damn bridges are too expensive.. I would rather swim.
8. Seats are great for long trips
9. Stereo is not as bad as people say
10. My wife likes the GTO more then she thought
11. The center dividers really do make the car sound good. nice sound reflection.
12. The overspeed setting is priceless.
13. The exhaust system is great for intimidation
14. The lights are good.. low beams need to be set higher
15. The buffeting from the windows part way down is very reasonable
16. The trunk size is okay...
17. The miles to empty is pretty accurate
18. Thank god the 05 has a dead pedal
19. My car has an AUTO UP window switch when getting toll tickets. (my wife)
20. My dad wants to "borrow" my car

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Sounds about right. Hope you enjoy your car for a long time.

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Good read!

#11 & 13 FTW

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Ironmancan said:
LOL, nice list.:ftw: Number 5 sounds a little scary:eek:
I've caught 3 sheets of plywood going down the highway before in one of my Firebirds. can you say new windows, t-tops and almost a full paint job?

had to actually push one piece out of my windshield while still going down the highway to catch the guy
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