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2004 GTO Dealer brochures and ORIGINAL OWNER Pontiac magazine - RARE

Hey guys, when the GTO's were new I was working for Pontiac and purchased a brand new quicksilver red seat 6spd 04 that I kept for a couple years. Well I was going through a stack of stuff that I had collected from my time with Pontiac and discovered some hard to find GTO related stuff.

1. the dealer showroom 2004 GTO multipage brochure. Shows full specs, options, colors. interior colors, gauge cluster colors, etc. If I remember right these ran out within a few months of release.

2. autoshow and late production 2004 "mini" fold out brochure. This is a simple tri-fold out spec brochure that was used at the major American autoshows for the GTO's original release. Very hard to find.

3. The last item is a PONTIAC PERFORMANCE GM corporate media produced "new owner" magazine. You had to buy a GTO brand new in 2004 to get this subscription. This was the first version of this new magazine that the early buyers of the '04 received. It had your name on it, your VIN and the dealership's info from where it was purchased. You will never see another one of these for sale as 99% of them went in the trash. The only reason I kept it was because I worked for Pontiac at the time and already had a TON of vintage Trans Am dealer sales stuff that I collected.

If interested I'd like to get $60 shipped to your door. All 3 items are in mint condition.

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