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So, Now What?

Now that they’ve brought back the GTO badge, now what? Yeah, the styling is a bit of a yawn, but the first GTOs were hopped up Tempests, and look what they did to them. Monte Carlo came back in a ‘seen it already’ body style too. However, after a couple years they rescuplted the backporch, taillights and quarterpanels and now it looks like a Monte Carlo. Not your old Monte of yore (as it shouldn’t), but it has that unmistakable style that says Monte Carlo.
Someone has to get the discussion started. No, I’m not a Madison Avenue marketing worm fishing for an clue ‘cause I can’t buy one. No, I’m just a middle aged guy who misses the sleek lines. I miss FEELING that stacatto, bassoprofundo, growl of an 8 lunger inhaling through a six-pack. It’s a sound that is felt more than it’s heard. You know that growl. It begins way down deep in your gut, rises to your heart to make it go thump, thump. It finishes somewhere in your upper fore brain making you think, “MY GOD, THIS THING WILL PLEASE ME OR IT WILL KILL ME!” It’s a feeling somewhere between gustatory delight, sexual euphoria and absolute holy rapture. It’s a car like this that makes it unimportant that the passenger seat is empty. If she wants to ride ok, if not, even better --- don’t need the ballast anyway. It’s this lack of masculine grunt that forces today’s autophiles to over crank the bass on their Kracos and route it through thunder cannons in the trunk. Their four banging, rice burners ain’t got the grunt, so they have to simulate it in back so they can cover up the wheezing up front. And we all know that no grunt means no yank at the back end. (actually, either end)
So, now what? What should the 05,06,07… look like?
How about a more pronounced beak up front to hang the arrowhead? A deeper grille would be nice. The Ram air scoops are good. As is the not too big / not too small spoiler, we don’t need a Superbird redux. LISTEN UP MARKETING TYPES, a tachometer on the hood speaks “Gran Tourismo Omologato.”
The interior of the ’04 is nicely done. I was in a Bonneville this weekend and it had all the toys and too many a/c ducts to count. It’s okay for the Bonnie, but not the GTO. The GTO has a few creature comforts, but primarily, it’s all business. I like that. If it doesn’t get you down the road quicker, leave it in the garage.
So, now what? Where do we want them to go from here?
.And heaven's to Betsy, WHEN, not should, When will we see a JUDGE?
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