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Thank you all for making the effort and coming down. I had a great time and hope it was the same for all of you.

Good Food, Good People and MASSIVE amounts of Horsepower ... How can you not have a good time?

I received back 107 Registrations showing that we had at LEAST 107 GTOs here and we had a few late-comers and a few local drive-bys that did not register ... GREAT TURN OUT.

I will be posting year and color stats on attendees shortly...

Prize Winners:
1. 2004 MAGNAFLOW Stainless Cat-back exhaust (MAGNAFLOW)
Steve Z.
2. 2005-2006 MAGNAFLOW Stainless Cat-back exhaust (MAGNAFLOW)
Larry H. - BackDoorMaN
3. 2004 MAGNAFLOW Stainless Cat-less Mid-pipes (MAGNAFLOW)
Paul M. - MRGTS1
4. 2005-2006 MAGNAFLOW Stainless Cat-less Mid-pipes (MAGNAFLOW)
Zoltan F. - frwyflr
5. K&N Performance FIPK Cold Air Intake (K&N)
Bob S.
6. JPA Performance $800 off MSRP for Magnacharger GTO <voucher>(JPA)
Jay B. - J's Goat
7. JPA Performance $800 off MSRP for Magnacharger GTO <voucher>(JPA)
Raul M. - psychogto
8. Polished Billet Valve covers with coil pack relocators(JPA)
Larry M. - 1stgoat
9. Btlfed1500 GTO Custom Dyno Tune (BTLFED1500)
Jerome R. - GTOHH_Boy
10. Pedders GSR Front Struts <pair> (DMS)
Tony E. - SpeedRacer
11. GMPP SAP GTO Rear Spoiler (DMS)
Dean B. - deanb60
12. SCSS Custom Center Dual Gauge Pod (SCSS)
Steve R. - SoCal Goat
13. Haddad Moorsports Dyno Pack Dyno Tune (Hptuners 04-06 GTO)
Anthony D. - SIC GTO
14. Haddad Motorsports Header installation (With purchase of headers)
Sebastian B. - MSTGKILLA
15. Dominant Motorsports Rear Lip Spoiler
Scott C. - Judge This
16. Granitize Detail Kit(Granitize)
Frankie R. - Black Beauty
17. Granitize Detail Kit(Granitize)
Michael W. - whiteboyslo

Thanks to our event sponsors we gave away nearly $6500 in prizes.

We had a professional photographer and videographer here u may have spotted and they will be workign on putting together the shots for a DVD.

Bye Bye Goat..It's Been Fun
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yellow04 said:
so is there going to be one next weekend or what? LOL j/k

thanks again Richard!! i had a blast!!:)
Yup, at Barona. Bring your car out, let's see it run Mr. Hood Popper.:)

I have been going to GTG's and car events for quite a while. The GTG you put together easily topped any show or GTG I have been to yet. Awesome job dude!

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You guys put on a great 'show' and there was some nice prizes...but, you were supposed to pull my name :D

(actually, what's funny about that is after I put my name in, I kept thinking I should've put in on something else!)

Good times, just wish it could've lasted longer (you know the old addage about time flying by...).

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thanks Richard!!! had a great time!!!

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yellow04 said:
so is there going to be one next weekend or what? LOL j/k

thanks again Richard!! i had a blast!!:)

You didnt hear? there IS one next week. Show up and see. lol. jp.

The turn out was shocking. I didnt expect to round the corner and see that many gtos. I think we had just about every gto on the socal streets there.

I wish I could have sayed more than 30 minutes, had work to goto.

Thank you richard for doing that. When you call, gtos come.. label this guy the master goat herder.

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Just want to add my thanks. it really was an awesome event and I'm glad I was able to make it! I've been wanting those struts for awhile!

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I had fun; and met some nice people.

Thanks for setting this up Richard.



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Thanks man!! You Rock!! See you this weekend.
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