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41st Annual POCI & 34th Annual GTOAA "Bi-Vention (Dayton, Ohio)

41st Annual POCI & 34th Annual GTOAA "Bi-Vention"​
is brought to you by
Pontiac of Southern Indiana
The Ohio Valley GTO Association
Wright State Nutter Center
Dayton, Ohio​
July 9th - 13th , 2013​

Registration can be either POCI or GTOAA This is actually two separate conventions taking place simultaneously at the same location. POCI and GTOAA will have separate Car Shows, Awards, Awards Ceremonies and Banquets.

Things we will share are Nutter Center, Seminar Speakers, Swap and Vender meet area.

GTOAA Member Online Registration:

GTOAA Mail In Registration Form:

POCI Member Online Registration:

POCI Non-Member Online Registration:

POCI Mail In Registration Form:

Hotel Information:

More Information to follow.

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