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JULY 1-5 2014

Hosted by the Greater Pittsburgh GTO Club

Location: Monroeville Convention Center (12 miles east of Pittsburgh)

Host Hotel: DoubleTree by Hilton (next to the convention center)

Click here for complete convention details​

More Information to follow

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2014 GTOAA Convention Car Show Info
July 1 - July 5, 2014, Monroeville, PA
Hosted by Greater Pittsburgh GTO Club

General Info
Register early. Convention registration is $60, but after June 1, it goes up to $80.
��Concours entry deadline is June 10. Concours entries received after this date will be entered as "Display Only."
��Popular Vote deadline is June 10. En-tries received after June 10 will be placed in "2 Late 2 Class" instead of their proper category.

Concours Information
Concours Registration: If you wish to participate in the Concours Show, you must register by June 10, 2014.
Only 1964-1974 GTOs and GT-37s can enter Concours classes. 1964-1974 Tempests, LeMans, and 1974 Ven-turas that promote a GTO image may compete in the Concours Competition Modified Class (full race cars) only. Cars in all Concours classes (except Competition Modified) must provide documentation from Pontiac Histori-cal Services indicating that the car is an authentic GTO/JUDGE/GT-37. No ex-ceptions.

Concours Class Descriptions:
Restored: Judging in this class will be based on authenticity and quality of workmanship. Replacing original mate-rials, assemblies, or additions of acces-sories is acceptable only if they were available from the manufacturer during that particular model year. Point deter-mination for the use of reproduction parts will be based on their likeness to factory assembly line parts.

Factory Original (Unrestored):
This class will be judged on the car's originality and condition. Originality will be determined from the body iden-tification and production codes. Condi-tion will be based on cleanliness and amount of wear. Only original or GM maintenance parts are eligible to receive full point credit. Use of aftermarket or reproduction parts will be grounds for full point deduction. Cars in this class should have a majority of original paint, upholstery, and chrome plating.

Modified & Competition Modified:
To enter Concours Modified or Compe-tition Modified, a car must have at least three qualifying modifications such as: engine swap, transmission swap, non-original induction, disc brakes where not original, aftermarket AC, fuel injec-tion, blower, nitrous, suspension mods, custom dash or upholstery, custom paint (aftermarket color, flames, graphics, etc.), tube frame, roll bar, body modifi-cations, etc. Cars in this program will be judged on build quality, fit, finish, and detail.
Concours cars MUST be in the Con-vention Center by noon on Wednes-day, July 2. Concours judging is Thursday, July 3.

Concours Restored or Factory Original (Unrestored) questions:
Jon Wacholtz 507-433-5201
E-mail: [email protected]
Norm Warling 303-233-9109
E-mail: [email protected]
Concours Modified questions:
Paul Freese 812-614-3332
E-mail: [email protected].

Popular Vote Information:
Classes are determined by year and body style based on actual registrations received. We may have 15 classes, or 18 classes, or 22 classes, or whatever amount best fits the entries this year.
Popular Vote is open to all Pontiacs. Classes for non-GTOs will be deter-mined by the number of other Pontiacs registered, either by year or model.
Popular Vote registrations MUST be received by June 10, 2014. Popular Vote registrations received after June 10 will be entered as "2 Late 2 Class," which is a catch-all class for late entries, all models, body styles, and years.
All cars must go through tech-in. Popular Vote tech-in is Tuesday, July 1, Wednesday, July 2, and Thursday, July 3. Voting is Friday, July 4 from 9:00 AM to 1:00 PM.
See the Popular Vote Classification Chart to determine if you should enter as Stock or Modified. Make sure you enter the proper category for your vehi-cle. If your car has to be placed in a dif-ferent class upon arrival because the in-formation you provided is incorrect, there may not be sufficient parking space in the proper class.
This also applies if you bring a dif-ferent car from the one originally regis-tered. Every effort will be made to ac-commodate such situations, but if you show up with flames on a car entered as Stock, there may not be a space for you in the Modified category. Likewise, if you register a '64 GTO convertible but arrive with a '68 Firebird hardtop, there may not be space for you in the class where you need to park.
Note: All 2013 first place cars must en-ter as Winners' Circle.
In order to authenticate GTOs and Judge models, all 1964-65 and 1972-74 GTOs and all Judges in Popular Vote must be documented. Unverified GTOs will be classed as Modified A-body and unverified Judges will be classed as Modified GTO.
You must supply your VIN when registering a GTO or Judge. PHS will verify that the car is a real GTO or a real Judge. The authenticity of 1966-1971 GTOs will be verified by VIN.

Popular Vote Questions:
Tom Szymczyk 856-524-2588
Bob Alexander 970-221-0754

Original Owner Display
If you are a previous Original Owner award recipient or will be receiving the award at this year's convention, you have the option of parking in a Display Only class of Original Owner GTOs, LeMans, and Tempests. Or you can en-ter the regular Popular Vote or Con-cours competition. For an Original Owner application, contact Tom Oxler before May 15, 2014 at 636-928-5548 or e-mail: [email protected].

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2014 GTO Association of America (GTOAA) Convention
Monroeville, Pennsylvania (12 miles east of Pittsburgh)
July 1st - 5th, 2014
ALL Pontiacs Welcome!

Registration Form
Registration Chairperson: Cheryl Kasper 724-515-7629 [email protected]
This form has three pages. Please read page three first and then complete pages one and two.
Revised 11/16/2013

2014 GTO Association of America (GTOAA) Convention Registration
Vehicle Information (copy this page for additional cars)
Year: ________ Model: __________________ Body Style: __________________ Color: _______________________
VIN: ______________________________ License Plate (state and number): __________________________________
Car Show Class (see for Concours and Popular Vote information)
Concours – (1964-1974 GTO and GT-37 only). All Concours cars
(except Competition Modified) must provide documentation that car is
authentic GTO or GT-37.
_ Restored _ Unrestored _ Modified
_ Competition Modified
Popular Vote – Any Pontiac. All 2013 1st Place Popular Vote cars must
enter as Winner’s Circle (display only).
_ Stock _ Modified _ Winner’s Circle
Original Owner – (GTO, GT-37, Tempest, and LeMans only). Special
area to display original owner cars. Prior and current recipients of GTOAA
Original Owner Award only. Contact GTOAA for award information.
Display only.
_ Original Owner
Display Only – Any Pontiac. _ Display Only
Convention Registration (All participants must register even if not entering a vehicle)
GTOAA Member $60 per family $____________
Non-GTOAA Member $70 per family $____________
Late Fee (Registration received after 6/1/2014) $25 $____________
Car Show Registration (only if you are registering a car – choose same class as Car Show Class above)
Concours QTY _______ X $100 $____________
Popular Vote QTY _______ X $30 $____________
Original Owner QTY _______ X $30 $____________
Display Only QTY _______ X $30 $____________
GTOAA membership dues that are not current (GTO and GT-37 only) $35 $____________
Trailer/Tow Vehicle Parking QTY _______ X $20 $____________
Trailer Length (feet) __________ License Plate State ________ License Plate Number _______________
Tow Vehicle Length (feet) __________ License Plate State ________ License Plate Number _______________
Contact person & phone number ___________________________________________________________________
Will the Tow Vehicle stay with the trailer? _ Yes _ No
Page 1 Subtotal $____________
Name Spouse (if attending) GTOAA Member #
Names of Children Attending (optionally include ages) Your email address
Street City State Zip Code
Home Phone # Cell Phone # Spouse’s Cell Phone #
Chapter Affiliation Arrival Date (if known)

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should be 50th and 40th and 10th anniversary


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Will be there on the 2nd of July... see you all then...
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