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2nd Ship arrives

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According to Branden at newagegto, the 2nd ship has arrived and is in San Diego which brings the total # to over 900. I thought that I remembered that there were supposed to be a total of 1200 between the 2 ships?
Anybody remember?
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We had understood 460 first ship, 750 second ship (more or less 1200) and all were going through Benicia. The routing from Adelaide had said West coast/Tacoma, same as the first ship. Whats with San Diego----TAILS????
I challenged Branden on his information and haven't heard back from him. I do know that the Pioneer Runner is in Tacoma WA. today unloading at the Hyundai berth.

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I live in San Diego and I will investigate the Pioneer Runner in SD rumor tomorrow morning. I would guess it dropped of GTO's up in Benicia and then came down here for another car maker. I often see car carriers in the harbor but I do not know who's cars they are bringing in or taking out.
the first ship had mitsubishi diamantes on it too. They ship to the west coast too.
No sign of Pineer Runner in SD today, did see lots of recently off the ship VW's, Isuzu's and Honda's but no sign of the GTO's that I could see. I would say the statement that the GTO's are in SD is wrong as best I can tell.
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