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We ran in a very quiet, no trafic stretch...nice a straight:) . Granted the guy did have his GF in the car. He pulled up to me and revved. I gave the thumbs up and said his ride sounded awesome! Which it did. He asked if I'd go from a 10mph roll up to 100 or so. I said 80mph was my MAX.

10mph roll and I'm in 1st. He honks off and man did he jump out on me. Once the RPM's built I stopped his pulled. I heard him shift 2nd pretty early and that allowed me to get back within a 1/2 car. I shifted into 2nd and pulled even. Shifted 3rd and gained about 1/2 car back on him. Closed out 3rd(so much for 80mph) and had about a car and was gaining on him. We spoke and he said that was soooo much fun. He was shocked at how I was behind and just drove by him. Don't get me wrong his car was damn fast and QUICK but once the LS2 got moving it really was classic how it just powered by the STang. If I had a bit more RPM from the start it would have been worse for him.

I asked if he had gears because he was shifting alot more than me..he had 3.73's, full exhuast(LT's) CAI/intake manifold(?)..he dynoed 345 to the wheel!
I think he'd need a small cam for that but who knows

I said I was stock and probably was around the same as that. Great race, nice guy. If he didn't have his GF it would have been even closer. She was not a pig or anything but every little bit counts.

I know the K&N drop in is not suppose to do anything but I'll tell ya I can roast the tires now in 1st and it can spin all the way through 2nd as well. I can't wait to hit the track. I just got the MT DR's in and it should be fun!!

looked like this but in black.
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