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431.6 Rwhp A4!

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Test car is a 99 Z28 A4, mods are:
-Speed Inc 346" Sportsman short block (Diamond pistons, Eagle rods, stock crank, balanced/blueprinted)
-TEA stage 2 5.3 heads milled .030
-232/244 cam
-Hooker LT's w/offroad
-True duals
-Vigilante 3600, locked
-10 bolt 3.73
-Short belt
-Steel driveshaft
-Speed Inc ported TB
-Stock MAF
-Stock pulley
-Speed Inc dynotuning

431.7RWHP/391 TQ. We will post a dyno sheet shortly.

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(BTW, is this the oldest thread on the forum?!?!?)
GAH!! Aug 2003... I called for a September 2003 post. I didn't know it went back that far.

Good times. And apparently no one cared in 2003 either.
damn this is old lol

good numbers though!
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