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I need to know if a 4L65E would work in the 2004 GTO without the 05-06 tranny brain. I'm thinking the 05-06 has the extra tranny controller to convert the new bus signals back to what the tranny can understand (OBD-II Signals).
My question is, will the 4L65E work in the 2004 GTO off the same hook-up as the 4L60E with no complications?
I would think so, but I'm no expert, that's why I'm asking.
Any help would be great...


Thanks for your reply Napalm.

I have since been in touch with my rebuilder and worked out a deal for getting this thing fixed again!
The cost of tools to rebuild myself were going to be above 500 dollars.
The only catch was I have no air tools to break the bell housing from the tranny, which takes loads of torque.
Also having a screwed up back would add to the difficulty of the rebuild.
As I said, I'm going back to Rossler's for a complete inspection and overhaul.
I should be up and cruising by Thursday of next week.
Gene @ Fred Beans replied to my problem FAST and was willing to work a deal on a new tranny,
that is why I was going to bypass a my rebuilder, who is in Ohio.
I'm driving out next week for the rebuild.
Gene is always there when called upon, he has always answered me in times of need.
Many many thanks Gene!!!!

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Right now I can't imagine why it wouldn't. First start would be to see if the harness connectors are the same. Then you could check the inputs against the shop manual wire schematic.

Question though, why are you putting a 4L65E in the car as opposed to a better re-built 4L60E.

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Only difference between the '04 and '05-later is the front and rear 5 pinion planets as oppossed to 4 pinion and a hardened output shaft. Not really any benefit on the planets so no real difference. Glad you're getting taken care of Tinman :turbonaug

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