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Hey guys,

Car is sold and trying to clean out garage of items that hopefully someone can use. These items I have deemed to heavy or bulky to ship, so local pick up from Boise Idaho
is probably best way to go. Have not really set prices on anything yet as I am open to a Package deal should anyone want all of it.

so in no particular order.....

1) 5.7L tall block (disassembled) removed from 2004 GTO.
Engine has roughly 7000 miles on it. I pulled it when I blew a head gasket and decided to go Iron Block.
I am calling it a tall block.... block, crank, rods, pistons, OEM cam, Lifters, pushrods, 241 Heads, bell housing. Also have OEM
Injectors and fuel rail, OEM rockers with stands, front and rear covers, and a Centralia clutch.

2) Exhaust items:
* Complete 2004 GTO exhaust manifolds and complete exhaust system
* 2004 GTO "custom" test midpipes. Basically took 2004 Midpipes, with blown CATS and installed free flow bullet muff's in place of Cats.
* Stainless Works 3" midpipes and X pipe (2004 GTO)

3) 2004 GTO front and rear OEM sway bar's.

4) 2005 GTO Radiator and fan shroud

5) 2004 GTO OEM Rad Fan assembly

6) 2004 GTO "A" pillar trim
7) DSS 1000HP 1 Piece drive shaft.

8) 2004 GTO OEM intake airbox

9) BMR subframe connectors (noted in separate thread) New unopened

as stated most of these items just weigh too much for reasonable shipping.

send me an email and help me clean out my garage!!!

Email: [email protected]

Old Guys Rule
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As mentioned in the " Sub Frame Connectors" thread
I do occasionally travel to the Sacramento Ca area.
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