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Accelerator Cable or Not?

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I am deciding on the specific hand controls that I am going to get for the GTO. My question is does the GTO utilize an accelerator cable that is operated by the accelerator pedal or does it use another method of determining pedal movement (e.g. drive by wire)? Thanks.
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It is NOT fly-by-wire (which is good)


with the traction control it might not be a strait wire to the throttle blade
With ETC (Electronic Throttle Control), the PCM will control the solenoid motor on the TB to close the blade just as it does to open it whenever traction control kicks in.

No cables!
So which is it? Does it have the cable or ETC?:confused:
No, I was just clarifying that on an ETC setup, there is no cables whatsoever. The PCM controls everything including throttle blade control when traction control is engaged.

The LS1 in the GTO IS cable. Here is a pic

See the purty cable. :D

I'll see if I can find some pictrures at home of the engine compartment where a picture of the traction control regulator (Bosch most likely) is shown.
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Thanks. Duh, I guess I never thought to look at a picture of the engine:slap:
And people say I drink too much...............

:drink: :drink: :drink: :drink:
The picture made me think of DexCool. I sure wish GM would lose that crap, and the aluminum systems they put it in. You just don't have enough silicates (cuz it eats the aluminum) to guarantee that it won't look like someone took a dump in your radiator after 30,000 miles. But aluminum is cheaper I guess so there you go.:mad:
I'm not a fan of Dex-Crap myself. I prefer good ol ehtylene-glycol. But both contain stuff that'll oxidize aluminum.

There was actually a post in the Heavy Duty section on a long time ago where one of the guys (an engineer actually broke out the properties of each and their performance, durability, and longevity. The two were fairly neck and neck in most categories. The one thing the good ol green stuff did better was it's thermal conductiveness (or something like that), I.E. it cooled quicker, faster and more than Dex-Crap.

I've seen many a GM motor in the service lanes with Dex-Crap, including one of my own that are well past 100k with the stuff. So it isn't all that bad. The problem lies in that people are told it is 100k coolant. So they don't perform maintanance, I.E. a flush (and/or powerflushing) and re-fill until that point and that's where the damage occurs.
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Amen to your maintenance point, people with DexCool should stick to 3 yr/36k at least, just like the green stuff. I just had an experience with my own car when it had under 30k and had turned into thick clay, did some homework on it, and was not at all impressed.
Neither am I really.

I was gonna do a complete system poweflush (with the Bilstein machine) and convert it back to the green stuff on my Camaro, but I got lazy instead and just stuck with the Tang.
Here is a pic where the traction control regulator can be seen.

On the passenger just under the strut tower brace you see a black plastic cylindrical item. That's the regulator.

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Cylindrical, hmm. Can't see what kind of loom runs to it. Kind of weird, all though I'm not very well versed on the mechanics of it compared to most. Still weird to see the ABS set up where it's at too though understandable with the cars lineage.
Go directly back from the ABS modulator and you'll see the black plastic case around the solenoid for the traction control. Further examination you'll see the throttle cables running too and from it.
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