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Hey everyone-

I found another opportunity to get on the Waterford road track-SUNDAY, Sept. 5th. There's also one on Sept. 26th.
Link here-

Follow the links to register online-It's being hosted by the Shelby American Club/ Motor City and all are welcome-
At this point I think you'll have to use paypal to pay in time, I did and got confirmed the next morning.

I went to one a couple weeks ago and had a blast-The goat received some nice attention.
First time on a track and I learned a lot-
I didn't set any records-Didn't even work the car very hard, but had a great time. I went out for 4- 15 minute runs over the day. Plenty of track time-I was exhausted-

If anyone has any questions on the experience -I'll be happy to help if I can-

Maybe I'll see a few of you there-A small herd of Goats would be Cool!

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I wouldnt mind going, I have to check my schedule......... it sound like a blast

checked the schedule........... I think I am going to go to the sept 26 meet
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