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If so, would you like to meet up and cruise around one day?

I have a 2000 C5 that I'd like to do some comparisons with against the GTO. My C5 is almost bone stock (K&N drop in filter, descreened MAF, throttle body bypass) and has run a 13.29 @ 109.92 (on a crappy 2.1x 60 on run flats).

My guess at pros for the C5:
- Lighter weight
- Slightly better power to weight ration
- Better braking
- Better handling
- The "gotta have it" factor
- Less depreciation in the long run
- Removable roof for open air driving
- More tire contact patch
- Easier to launch
- Better shifter

My guess at pros for the GTO:
- Better interior
- Quieter car
- Less wind noise
- More usable space
- Easier to work on (actually works with ramps)
- Won't scrape on every low thing in the road
- Better ingress/egress
- Fewer squeaks and rattles

I've test driven them back to back, but the test drive had 3 people in the GTO. When I got in the C5, it was 1000 pounds lighter and of course performed drastically better.

I'd like to cruise around, do some runs in both cars, etc.. Any takers? If so, email me at [email protected].


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I am in raleigh for the week on business and I brought my 06 GTO down with me to be tuned at CAM. I am going over there tuesday. I am an enthusuiast.
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