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Yep, I went. The track was packed so, I only got to run twice. It was fun though. I haven't been on a drag strip in over 20 years so, I'm starting all over again. I ran the car with my 19" street tires and couldn't hook up to save my ass. needless to say, I ordered a pair of MT ET Street radials this morning for the next time out. I really need to learn how to launch as I think I could knock a solid second off my times for sure....

1st run

R/T - .281
60' - 2.338
1/4 - 13.321
MPH - 112.78

2nd run
R/T - .275
60' - 2.253
1/4 - 12.952
MPH 111.91

There were a few other GTO folks there one of who is a member here but I'm not sure who it was. We spoke a bunch of times but failed to introduce one another:rolleyes:

He had an 05 with LT's, Cat Back, Stall and D.R's and ran a best of 12.1 with a 1.66 60', He had his driving technique down for sure!!:patriot:

I really think my car can easily be in the 11's if I'd learn how to drive:burnout:

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I was one of the guys there you have a awesome car! I was the guy with stripes. Man I need to learn how to launch or get some DR's proably both! Still had a good time.
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