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Anyone received a personal email from Pontiac?

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When I did the advance order, my dealer took down my email address, and said that part of the advanced order program was to provide email updates on individual cars as status reports, and this would provide me with unprecedented access into the progress of my car's build and delivery.

So far I got nothin', and I suppose nothing is going on, but for you guys with TPW's that have already passed, I cant help but feel that someone should have heard something by now. Anyone care to comment? Jim Hopson, are you out there?
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My TPW is 9/29 and I haven't heard anything from Pontiac. The only communication initiated by Pontiac or my dealer was that my dealer called me with my TPW.
They told me that they would e-mail me too. They didnt give me that gxxxx number so I guess I will have to call them back and get it so I can track it myself.
I ordered mine on 8-1-03, and I have not received any info from Pontiac yet either.
I'm going to a family reunion this afternoon and my Dealer will be there so if I have any updates I will let you know.
I talked with him a couple of weeks ago about this and he couldn't believe that I hadn't heard anything and he was going to call Pontiac and see what he could find out!
It seems like I get more info off these web sites ex. (new tire size) and he doesn't even know it yet!
I talked to Jim Wangers in August in Norwalk, Oh. and at that time he said that production was set for 16,700. I wonder since they were about a week late starting production, if that # has changed?
I ordered mine on 06/04/03. My GTO advanced order form states the following.
Our goal is to keep GTO advanced order customers informed during the time between their advance order and the time of delivery. Pontaic wishes to communicate to these customers during this time with the latest information. IN BOLD LETTERS.......
Please fill out your customer's info below and fax it to Pontiac. This will allow us to keep them informed.
"Is this a bunch of HOG wash or what"?
Have not herd anything from my clueless dealer.
me too i ordered mine first of june got my tpw of day after labor day still heard nothing from the dealer and no emails from either one ?? i think they like or enjoy making us wait??
TO: Earl Van Sudduth
FROM: GTO Marketing Team

Congratulations Earl!

Thanks for signing up to be among the exclusive owners in the 2004 GTO Advanced Order Program. You are one of the select few who are already in line to receive your 2004 Pontiac GTO - the Return of Legendary Performance.

I'm sure you have plenty of questions and we hope to keep you informed by sending out communications in the next several months. Currently, the vehicles are expected to arrive in limited quantities at dealerships beginning in December 2003-January 2004.

We will be sending out follow-up mailings periodically, and will send you the consumer catalogue as soon as it is printed this fall. But if you're eager for more information, you can check the Pontiac GTO main website at\gto, for the latest pictures, information and more. At this website, you can also take a look at the different wearables and other merchandise that is currently offered.

Thanks again for your commitment. If you have any immediate questions, contact the dealer where you placed your Advanced Order, or call the customer assistance center at 1-800-2-PONTIAC. It won't be long until your GTO will arrive and I can't tell you how excited all of us at Pontiac are to get the 350-horsepower GTOs on the street this winter. this us the e-mail I recieved..
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Me too no communication. In addition to signing up with the Pontiac website, with folks at the New York auto show in April and with my order on 6/5 have heard zippo. Maybe they sold them all already and don't feel the need to push.
I guess its better cars, same crappy service for pontiac.
Wow, Earl, looks like you are the first in the online neighborhood to receive any feedback.

When is your TPW? I am just wondering if that has anything to do with when the emails are sent out.

Thanks for providing a copy of the email!!!
Believe it or not, I just got the same email 10 seconds after writing the above post!!!:D
Got mine at 3:03 pm today EST!
Well aren't you guys special. <----- sound of sour grapes!!!
Received mine at 3:02pm today. :drink:
Got mine at 3:02 pm as well. Same 'stock' letter. I feel so special, not. :p
Looking at the Tracking site y'all have October or early November TPW. Those of us without a TPW or even a frickin' order number wouldn't mind even a form letter.

:drink: :drink: :drink: :drink:
Don't mean to sound dumb, but what is the same stock letter?
Ok,looks like many of us got the same email from the advance order forms. Corporate gears grind slowly. Guess they had to actually get production started. Also noticing that the Red/ Black/ Blue's get built before the others with lower order numbers but "less popular" colors. Yellow rules!
Hmm... I got nothing so far. But now that I think about it, I don't remember my salesman taking down my address or email. The only thing I remember giving him was my GM Card to put the deposit on. I think I need to make a call...
e-mail from dealer

I ordered my car in July. Also gave my (clueless) dealer my e-mail address. Haven't heard SQUAT! They told me that Pontiac is keeping all information , well it's all a big secret! You are not alone.
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