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Anyone succesfully intall holden paddle shifters??

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I have seen some posts, articles, etc. about paddle shifters for the holden cars. I was wondering if anyone has made it work to actually shift the gears in the a4 gto. Seen some pretty crazy stuff with an ipod and scanner, but no shifting. I feel like it would be possible, Im pretty sure the linkage between the shifter and the trans is electronic and not manual, could be wrong. Any tips, tricks, or advice would be greatly appreciated.

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REBinc has installed them, but not for the transmission.
Going out on a limb here:

Most anything on a car can be retrofitted. You can even take parts from one brand and make them work on another. It takes some engineering yes, but nothing's impossible. Even if the Holden "shifters" don't actually shift the transmission, there are GM paddle shifters that do (Vette shifters, for instance).

You can do it, but it might take some Frankenstein and one-off solutions to make it work.

This guy even did a custom job in his 1st gen camaro:
If I could find a steering wheel with paddle shifters for a reasonable price shipped from AUS they would be on my car right now....still searching
Thanks for the input guys, i appreciate it. My whole thing was, if someone had done it, then it can most definitely be done, as of right now there are alot of other areas that need some attention before i go off an engineer paddle shifters haha. It would be a great design project though
Like Arthur said, I have them on my car. I believe there is a kit for our transmission to accept a sport-shift type input.
They were never fitted to a Holden or HSV with 4L60e/4L65e. They were used with the 5L40e which was mostly coupled with the v6 and has tiptronic

There would be some serious software and hardware involved in converting. More than It's worth.
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