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Arrowhead Performance is pleased to announce it’s initial product line-up for the 2004 Pontiac GTO. Arrowhead Performance will be working in conjunction with several renowned companies to bring the 04 GTO owner the most cutting-edge and exciting products available.

The links below show the first body kit exclusively designed for the 04 GTO and the first 04 GTo racecar, our American Iron racecar. We will be racing the parts we sell in the American iron West series for 2004.

Contact me with any questions:
email: [email protected]
602-330-4GTO (4486)

Please note our email address will be changing shortly when our website is completed. Thanks!!

Initial Product Line:

- 2 uniquely styled “Ram Air” hoods
Available in gel coat fiberglass and carbon fiber
2nd style to be released soon
- Front chin spoiler
- 2 uniquely styled rear spoilers
Racing style “duckbill” spoiler
Retro styled 69 spoiler
- High Performance billet aluminum throttle bodies
- Intercooled supercharger system
Developed in conjunction with Eaton/ Magnacharger
Available with a 3 year/ 36k mile warranty
- High-flow tubular exhaust headers
- Cat-back performance exhaust systems
2 more systems to be released soon
- Side skirts to accommodate side-exit exhaust pipes
- Short throw shifter for the 6-speed manual
- Performance tuned suspension kit
Developed in conjunction with Hotchkis Performance
Sway bars, springs, custom tuned shocks and strut tower braces
- Performance brake systems
Developed in conjunction with Baer brakes
- 2 uniquely styled custom made aluminum wheels
17, 18 & 19” wheel & tire packages
- Custom graphics and decals
Retro styled 69 stripe
More styles to be released soon
- Custom ground camshaft kits
- Cold air induction system

***All pictures and renderings are the trademarked property of Arrowhead Performance.***

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How about factory color painted hoods to make them truly bolt-on? I think a lot of people shy away from hoods that have to be painted.

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You are right about silver, I think red, black, yellow, and such is doable. We used to paint spoilers in Ohio that had to match Honda Accords painted in three other countries, not easy but possible. Also because of the hood gaps you can get away with a little mismatch.

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The other problem is having a hood so up with scrathes on it. Sending them out ready to paint is pretty much the standard. This will be the same for our side skirts, front spoiler and rear spoilers.
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