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Had a silver M3 pull up behind me at the light on 64 and 59 last night. There were 3 lanes and the other 2 were both open so I thought this guy was definetly pussin out with a move like that. Light turns and I slowly make my way up to about 55-60 when all of a sudden he makes his move to do the ricer fly-by. I got WOT and stop him immediatly and pull several lenghts easy. He then realizes I am more than willing to play. He gets up next to me and gives me a lunge at around 55-60. I put the A4 into second and proceed with the three honk and easily easily easily pull him by 4-6 lenghts by 95-100 and yet he wants more! The next time he was trying to reel me into a lower speed start at around 35 but I slowed down further to about 15 so I could get the car into 1st and then did the three honk and hurt him even more this time but yet he wanted more! We get the light at Prince Crossing and 64 and he say's "you got me man" but then asks to race from the line. I told him sure and his friend is looking at him like he's an idiot after losing so badly in the first few assaults. The light turns and it was a bit more even of a race from a dig but I still pulled on him easily by several lenghts by 80 at which point he shut down and we proceeded on our separate ways. Australia 1 Germany 0. :gears:
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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