Two pairs of kidney grilles.

Top pair is a bit rough. Has scratches (details in posts below.) The two center tabs that are meant for the grill clips to hold onto are completely broken off, and 3 out of 4 corner tabs are hanging on for dear life.

Might be good for a project or a wall clock or maybe to make some kind of custom grill thing-a-ma-bob, i dunno.


Bottom pair is it fairly OK condition, just missing the center tabs in full or in part on both grills, and the GTO emblem has been shaved and the area blacked out for a little stealthiness. Which might have been OK in 2004, but everyone can see you own a bloated cavalier, so maybe it really should say GTO on it. I dunno. You decide.

These can still actually be held on securely with screws despite not being able to use the OE clips, which i will show in some pics below. The method does put a little stress on the bumper slots, though, and can deform them, so just an FYI. You can probably get away with using slightly smaller screws than I did.

I've seen worse sell on ebay recently for like 100 dollars, but for you guys: