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BMR Fabrication Inc.
"We took the project car to the track this weekend with an optimistic high 10 second goal in mind. We upgraded our converter to 3500 stall speed and were planning on testing our new progressive NOS controller. It was 74% humidity and 94 degrees out. The track temperature was 114 degrees with no wind whatsoever. Our best pass to date had been an [email protected] but that was back in February with 60 degree weather. Regaurdless of the heat, we widdled our way down from 11.85 to 11.23 just by varying launch rpm and NOS activation times. It was looking like we could have made our goal but the posi went out on the next run and the next 3 passes the right rear just went up in smoke.
Anyway, here is the video of our quickest pass - VIDEO
Even though we took about 80 lbs. out of the car, we added much more with the roll bar, subframe connectors, and two 25 lb. nitrous bottles. With driver, the car weighs in at 4085 lbs!"
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