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BMR Suspension would like to congratulate Ed Timmerman on his Holley LS Fest victory on the Speed Stop Challenge.

Not familiar with a Speed Stop Challenge? That’s ok. Most people have never seen this event before. The Speed Stop Challenge occurs on a drag strip. The driver launches the car from a dead stop at the starting line like a normal drag race. The car is driven at max speed for an 1/8 mile. However, rather than crossing the finish line at top speed, the driver must hit the brakes and come to a complete stop at the finish line. The car must stop in a 40 foot area. Too far and the driver is disqualified. Too close and the driver is DQ’ed also.

Ed was competing against shop cars and customer cars from most of the top suspension companies. A BMR-equipped car has won the Speed Stop Challenge at every Holley LS Fest. Ed uses off-the-shelf suspension parts from BMR Suspension on his 1999 Chevy Camaro.

Great job Ed!!!
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