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Can a bad oil pan gasket get oil on the clutch? (apology for potentially dumb question)

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A mechanic told me that oil got on my clutch when it failed because of a combination of the rear main seal and the oil pan gasket. The rear main seal is 100% bad and I think that part of what caused the clutch failure, as they said the assembly was soaked in motor oil.

The oil pan gasket is engine out, and I do not believe that its possible to get from the pan gasket into the transmission and I believe this is being used to get extra 1 grand out. I know it will leak oil without that gasket into something but i doubt it could get to the clutch.

Am I right that it would be only the real main seal? or is the mechanic right that the oil pan gasket can get oil on the clutch?

Thank you for anyone who helps, sorry for a potentially dumb question.
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the rear cover seals to the oil pan. the transmission bell housing also bolts to the oil pan as well as the engine block.

so it's possible if the oil pan gasket has a leak in the rear of the pan, that it will get on your clutch.
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Ah alright thank you.
Yea both seals are right next to each other. So it’s possible. Bit harder for that to happen but age is always a factor.
Regardless, if you are replacing the seal, replace the clutch, pressure plate, slave, and flywheel. You remove the transmission 1 time to do it all and you won’t be removing a 2nd and 3rd time replace everything you could have replaced the first time. Just an opinion.

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