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Chances of gettin one w/o preorder?

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Ya like i said... Will there be enough in stock to sale or does it go only by preorder list.
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Yes, but you may be paying over MSRP since the dealership may only have 1 on the lot at a time. My dealer only has 2 pre-orders on the his initial allotment of 9. He told me pre-orders will be sold for MSRP but non-pre-orders will be marked up.

If you think you might want one, there is no reason not to put $500 down. They will refund your money if you change your mind when the car comes in. At least, that's what my salesman told me.
Where are you located? The dealership I'm getting mine from has two coming in unsold, located in Phoenix.
My dealer didn't even require a deposit. He said he is only getting 2 in addition to preorders, so there wont be many left.
75+ people on my dealers waiting list, and if he gets about 1 a month like he said, hmmm. Ill have my GTO in about 6.25 years. Awsome i cant wait!
I cancelled my original order in Beaufort SC ( I am originally from SC) It is red with black interior and they are selling it for MSRP.

Also a dealer in MD is not taking preorders so theirs are not sold it is come in see it like it buy it. I can give you a lot of places in the VA, MD, SC area that still has unsold GTO's if you are looking.
What does it mean that I still do not have a TPW date? I preordered my car as soon as possible a number of months ago. I recieved a letter from GM saying they appreciated my order in November and that production would begin soon.
It means that your dealer hasn't received allocation for your car yet. Until you get a TPW there is no garuntee that your car will be built. A dealer can order as many of one model as they want but that doesn't mean they all will be built.

GM sets a number for each model that a particular dealer will get. There are many factors that go into setting this number.

If I was you I would be asking my dealer if they have used up all of their 2004 GTO allocation with other orders.
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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