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g'day everyone. this is my first post here and just to let you know, im an aussie (probabaly guessed that already).

i decided to sign up when i saw a topic about the problems with the radio.

just thought id let you guys in about it.

firstly, the mute button is supposed to be like and only made to cut down the sound volume, to be used while using the phone or whatever.

second, a couple people were wondering why the radio/cd or whatever will get louder when you go around corners, accelerate etc. this is because the system has a built in computer to detect when the vehicle is travelling faster. as the vehicle speeds up, the volume for the stereo also increases. if you read the manual supplied with it it tells you how to turn it off and change how much sound you would like it to alter as the vehicle speed increases (i think its press and holden '1' and turn the radio power on for the options menu)

im a holden guy through and through and know my stuff about the cars, so, if you have any questions at all, not just about the radio but cars in general, please contact me and id be more than happy to help.

hope i cleared a couple things up and ill catch you all later!
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