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Custom computer tuning is available for the 2004 GTO! This will provide you with customized calibrations for any tire size, differential ratio, exhaust or engine modification. Blower programs are available along with total torque management defeat, vats defeat, etc.

This is done by Wester's Performance. We can have it set up with the following basic choices-

1) 85 octane high altitude tune

2) Dual 87-91 Octane tune (will automatically adjusts for octane)

3) Dual 89-93 Octane tune*(will automatically adjusts for octane)
(These dual octane tunes are recommended for all dual purpose0

4) 91 Octane HOT tune (much more aggressive than the Dual octane tune)
(Recommended for performance vehicles where higher than 91 octane fuel isn’t available, like California.)

5) 93 Octane HOT tune (much more aggressive than the Dual octane tune)
(Recommended for performance vehicles)

Custom tunes are available for your specific requirements and desires.

The new*87/91 and 89/93 dual fuel tunes will be able to run with 87 or 89 octane in MOST conditions with good performance, or with 89, 91 or 93 when even more performance is wanted. The dual octane tunes are capable of tuning for a higher octane. The factory tune will only advance the timing*to the limits set in the original spark tables.*Changing between 87 or 89 octane and 91 or 93*is automatic, the tuning will adjust itself for the octane you are using by referencing another spark table.

Under MOST conditions, all the tunes will run fine with the octane programmed for, but altitude, towing, load, condition of the engine, temperature, poor fuel quality, oxygenated fuels, or sensor variations may require choosing a higher octane. Just be aware that under certain conditions a higher octane fuel may be required, and that more performance and sometimes better fuel mileage is available just by using higher octane.
Standard with all performance tunes.
Complete reflash of the PCM to your VIN, with all factory updates.
Dyno developed performance tune optimized for your exact engine and transmission combination.
Raised and optimized shift points
Firm, but not harsh shifts for automatics
Elimination of all torque management that can be safely removed
Some of the more common modifications to ask for -

Raising the top speed limiter to any speed you specify
Specifying the exact shift points you want in every gear
Firmer (or softer) shifts.
Specific tuning for your modifications like gear ratio change, aftermarket MAF sensor, supercharger, headers, cam change, engine modifications, etc.

The Guarantee -

30 day free trial, you don’t like it, we’ll either modify it, or send it back and owe nothing!

Lifetime warranty (no cost or fees)

Lifetime updates for all future mods ($45 shipping and handling fee)

Lifetime full price paid credit toward your next custom tune for your next vehicle ($45 shipping and handling fee

Our regular price for this is $595.99 (+ core) but you can save 20% during the group purchase that we are running through Friday, February 20th. This will bring the price down to $475.99. You can place your order online or by calling 1-877-4-TBYRNE. We'll need to fax or e-mail you a form to fill out so we can have the computer custom tuned for your vehicle.

More info can be found in the GP section of our website.

Have a good day,
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