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Customs won't release GTO's until mid-December

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I went to my dealership today hoping for good news but was told that Customs will not release the Goats until mid-December. I hope this is salesman BS - can anyone confirm this - I'm getting REAL tired of this waiting and waiting.

I want my toy and I want it right now!

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They must have the Australian flu or something. Maybe some major cooties crawled up the tail pipes?

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Wonder about the sighting on a truck in Kansas or wherever if customs hasn't released them.:confused:
GM's been importing cars for years from all over, I doubt their relationship with US Customs is so bad that customs would hold the cars for nearly 45 days. Further, GM is using a private company to handle the customs stuff. If there performance was this bad, I doubt they'd have stayed in business this long. I know customs can be a pain, but you have to seriously piss someone off to end up with 45 days of quarentine in the US.
I was told Sat. by my salesperson that they had one on the way but had to go back for re tooling.
She must think I'm a tool.
Last time I was told something so ludacris my boyscout troop leeder wanted me to get a left handed smoke shifter.
I laughed at him too.:p
That customs story sounds bogus to me... Its not in anybodys interest (including customs) to hold these up.
hmm mitsubishi dropped off some Diamantes at Tacoma From the SAME ship. So I think that customs holding the GTO's till mid december is BS. Mitsubish has been importing diamantes for years from Australia, so it's not an unknown factor, they have dealt with aussie cars before.
The dealer is just trying to get you to quit bothering him. There is no way that he could know if they're held up in customs. That's just a bunch of BS. Leave the dealer alone, we know more than they do.

You are so right.....we know more than most dealers!

I told my salesman about this web site and the amount of information available .....which is miles ahead of what the dealership knows.

I'm sure some Pontiac execs are viewing this site to see the enthusiasm for the new GTO. Maybe that's one of the reasons there is such an information blackout from fuel excitement levels.


bobp16 :cool:
No doubt about it, they are looking at these sites. If you search around the forum you will find several discussions about this. That is why I changed my sig. I want them to pity me and send my car immediately!!

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Rots of Ruck, Steve. Applies to your hope for Sig Other support group too. But suspect we all need that one.
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