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Dealer invoiced for car

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My dealer called today, he got the invoice for my GTO today!

So, does that mean my car is in the states and has been shipped, or am I on ship number 4?

I was hoping that being invoiced might mean the car was in the country. My dealer's partner said he really felt I would see the car before Christmas now.

Any thoughts?
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I sure thought that yours was on that first ship. If the California guys just got theirs then Indiana must be right there too. If I were you now that you have that VIN I'd get that financing all put together so there is no time wasted!!!
:drink: :drink: :drink: :drink:
I think I'll open a nice bottle of my crafted homebrew and drink to those fine thoughts! :drink:
Dealer Invoiced

My dealer says that once he has an invoice the car is no more than 5 days away.
Wow!!! Congrats Velodrome. I am expecting pictures as soon as you getit. I hope that is before Christmas. Starting to get exciting now:D :D :D
Dude, I can't wait. Cause I know you will want to come up here to Chicago to take Jon and myself for a spin. :D
Hey, you are right! I love Chicago! (being an architect and all...)
A road trip might be in order! I know we will all have to get together this spring when the windy city thaws out! I have allready told my wife, if the dealer calls...don't expect me back for dinner.
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