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I received another call from the dealership today reguarding my experience with the service department.

We might assume that I fried them in hot oil for all of the strut/alignment issues as of late.
That is not what I did, though.

After I called Pontiac Customer Assistance, they apparantely called the SA at my dealer, and told him I knew my business on the strut issue, and to take care of me (I threatened returning the car).

At first, it was like "we'll only replace one strut" (on the second set, no less), and I was furious and called PCA and "vented".

After that, I was taken care of (rental, aftermarket struts, and a follow-up aftermarket alignment).
This is why I gave an excellent review of the service dept.

These guys do what GM tells them to do (replace 1 strut, ok to drive, no rental...etc).
After his hands were untied, he was as cool as a cucumber, and did everything in his power to satisfy me (and a guy with a brand new car in the shop for the umpteenth time - I was a tough cookie).

Remember folks, these are the relationships you have to endure for the life of your car, so make sure you are fair in these appraisals, because the folks in service are graded, penalized, or bonused based on these customer follow-ups.

Yes, it would be easy to vent all the frustration anywhere we could about this ardous issue, but it was GM that was calling those shots, not the SA.

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I just bought my GTO 3 weeks ago and I gave the dealer a horrible review. I dont like that they played stupid about the bad strut issue. The same situation with me as I was determined to return the vehicle just 10 days after sale.

Not only that the salemans didnt notfiy the finance guy it was a smartbuy(waste of 45 minutes to redo paper work) but they screwd up my payment date by 20 days. GM sent me my monthly statement and I was like I am not due till october. Call Gm they say goto the dealer to reslove. I head there and they are like call GM. I told them I did they told me to come here. Then the moron remembers and say's sorry but to still pay on that date. I said hell no my payment reflected the extra 15 days till payment due and for him to fix it. When he called GM they wanted to charge me $150 to extend it to the date in october. I said the dealer allready charged me for that and they were like "OH let me talk to him". It was resolved but it took 3 days to get it resolved.

I know the survey reflects alot to them and I dont care I hate the way I got treated.
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