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Delivery News

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There are about 900 GTO's sitting in the port now with another 500 in the water any day now (Ship #3). They are doing their last quality checks on the cars.... the first shipments from the port will leave before the end of this week.

Pontiac is very pleased with the ad response and the next ad will be next year during the 'Bowl Championship' series.

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You da man, DY. thanks.
Thanks DY,
Production is really going to have to increase dramatically if they are to make anywhere near 18,000.
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Ok, bear with this newbie to your boards

I am confused that I have a code 3300 on my order number GMXQ8. I received a letter dated 11-12-2003 from Pontiac stating that my car had been built and was on it's way. Confused in California....(although I am only 25 miles from where the ship docks)
It's simple Tim. GM, for whatever reason, is not updating the system that every dealer accesses to get the production status codes.
yes tim, it is simple ..... you must go there late tonite and find your car. they should all be marked by order #'s.

it is time to prepare ............

I bought season 1 and 2 of the Family Guy and have been watching it way too much. Stewie is awsome.
They're on Cartoon Network now I belive. I never really got into it, but the few times I did watch it I laughed my a$$ off. :D

And who else besides me thinks the mom is hot....for a cartoon charactor anyway. :D
DevilYellow said:
There are about 900 GTO's sitting in the port now with another 500 in the water any day now (Ship #3).
I gotta believe my GTO in one of those. I can always hope anyway. Thanks for the update DY.
It's not unusual for me to miss something but has cement mixer lost it completely??!!??
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yea what was he saying???
I think (scary that I figured this out) that he was commenting on DY's sig and the family guy.
hmm I had given up reading the sigs weeks ago. You mean people change them??!!??

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