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There are bits and pieces floating around in a few threads so here is everything in one -

The new Intercooled ProCharger system for LS1-powered 2004 GTO’s produces a 50-55% power gain on stock motors running pump gas, with 7 psi of intercooled boost. This compares to competing systems which produce 29-37% horsepower gains with the same 7 psi, but without ATI's superior supercharger and intercooler technology.

This system installs in approximately half the time of other systems, with no need to punch a hole in the oil pan, replace the engine intake, or deal with all the complexity of an air-to-water-to-air intercooler. This new ProCharger system also has a much more attractive and "OEM" appearance than others for the GTO. Additionally, with the coolest charge air temperatures available, the HO Intercooled ProCharger system for the GTO produces not only the industry’s undisputed largest power gains, but also the best engine longevity.

Standard equipment includes an exclusive air-to-air intercooler system and a patented self-contained P-1SC-1 supercharger, with 3-year warranty available. This new product utilizes the same proven technology as the industry-leading Intercooled ProCharger systems for LS1 F-bodies and C5 Corvettes. In addition to the HO Intercooled system, a tuner kit and D-1SC serpentine race kit are also available. With modified LS1 motors, the D-1SC serpentine race kit is capable of supporting over 700 horsepower.

HO Intercooled System

7psi, 50-55% horsepower gain (5 psi pulley also available)
P-1SC-1 ProCharger, custom GTO specific air to air intercooler
100% complete with fuel injectors and handheld programmer
Dedicated 8 rib drive system with automatic belt tensioner

Tuner kit
Omits fuel injectors and programmer
Otherwise identical to the HO Intercooled System

D-1SC Serpentine Race Kit

D-1SC ProCharger intended for modified applications
8 rib drive system - requires the purchase of an aftermarket harmonic damper. ProCharger crank pulley is compatible with Fluiddamr part number 740102. This may also be compatible with other manufacturers
Otherwise the same as the Tuner kit

Best yet, introductory pricing is being offered on these GTO systems, which will save customers $500 off MSRP. This introductory GTO pricing will be available for a very limited time. Systems begin shipping on October 29, 2004.

Call for our special introductory pricing! We are also offering discounted installation rates for the first two GTO kits that we install!
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